The Illinois Community College Faculty Association (ICCFA) is a statewide organization that represents the common interests of all faculty in the public community colleges in Illinois; promotes teaching and learning excellence and professional development; provides a faculty presence on the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB); and informs faculty of issues which affect the 48 public community colleges in Illinois.

All faculty members at Illinois Community Colleges are members of the Illinois Community College Faculty Association. ICCFA has three primary goals:

Promoting Teaching and Excellence

An annual Teaching and Learning Excellence Conference, Up to six annual ICCFA Student Scholarships, Up to two annual ICCFA Faculty Research Grants, Up to two annual ICCFA Faculty Workshop Grants

Providing Communication

ICCFA has representatives at all of the community colleges and has direct contact with each President. Frequent communication is done to understand the needs of ALL faculty.

Monitoring Legislative Affairs

ICCFA has taken an integrated approach to advocacy, direct lobbying, and strategic campaign work, all in an effort to serve one constituency, Illinois Community Colleges faculty.